Frequently asked questions
about living at The Meadows

How stable is New Horizons?
Owned by the third largest private foundation in Massachusetts, New Horizons in its own right has a high net worth and no mortgages or other long-term debt of any sort. Its executive director, Robert O'Connor, has been in this position since the community first opened in 1994.

Who comes to The Meadows?
The Meadows apartments serve seniors who want the convenience and camaraderie of a true community with either a fully independent lifestyle or one with modest homemaking support. Some residents still work regularly, but the large majority are retired. Many are local area residents who are simply looking for an easier lifestyle, and a less expensive, less stressful way of living than in a large free-standing house. Many have moved to Massachusetts from other parts of the country to be nearer to family members.

Where is The Meadows?
The Meadows is located on a 40-acre country campus, approximately 27 miles west of Boston. We are 13 miles west of Routes 128/I-95 via U.S. Route 20, and about three miles west of Longfellow's historic Wayside Inn. The complex is at the end of Wilson Street, about a half-mile north of U.S. Route 20.

Who owns The Meadows?
All of The Meadows buildings are owned by Cummings Foundation, Inc. of Woburn, MA. (See They are actually operated by the staff of New Horizons at Marlborough, LLC, of which Robert O'Connor is the executive director.

How large is The Meadows?
Altogether, The Meadows has 162 apartments. Of these, 138 were completed in 2002 in two brand new, four-story fire resistant, steel-framed buildings. There are an additional 24 apartments in three buildings called "The Cottages," which were fully renovated in 1995.

Is The Meadows financially secure?
The Foundation is a heavily endowed, not-for-profit private operating foundation with a charitable mission. It is financially very strong and conservative. Significantly, there is no debt or mortgage of any kind on any part of The Meadows or New Horizons, and Cummings Foundation's net worth is greater than $600 million.

Why is there an Entrance Fee at The Meadows?
With a fully refundable Entrance Fee, there is considerably less risk of any residents defaulting on their obligations to the community. Then, because uncollected fees are almost non-existent, rates are lower for all residents. The entire $30,000 fee is 100 percent refundable within 90 days after the resident leaves. Interest earned by The Meadows on these fees also helps to keep monthly fees lower. (Instead of receiving taxable interest on this Entrance Fee, the person making the deposit receives a reduction in monthly fees equal to $3,000 per year.)

Is there access to medical help if needed?
While The Meadows is really intended for people who do not need ongoing aid or personal assistance through New Horizons, emergency assistance is typically available. New Horizons generally has at least one licensed nurse on duty 24/7, who will respond to The Meadows if called in an emergency.

How large are apartments at The Meadows?
Most people are surprised that our apartments are as large as they are. Units generally range in size from 700 to 2,000 square feet, with those in 370 Hemenway typically the largest. The Cottages are generally 500-900 square feet.

Are there full kitchens in most apartments?
Most apartments have fully equipped kitchens including dishwashers and disposals. Some apartments even have extra large eat-in kitchens.

What is the construction of the main Meadows buildings?
The two largest buildings consist mainly of fire-resistant, steel-framed buildings with all concrete floors. The interior construction is done with gypsum board (sheet rock) over steel studs on the lower three floors. There is wood framing around the exterior perimeter of the fourth floor units.

Are the buildings energy efficient?
The Meadows were built with great attention to insulation and energy efficiency. Both buildings have been awarded the "Energy Star" designation by the United States Department of Environmental Protection, which was regularly on-site during the entire construction process.

What are the meal options?
Breakfast is available daily in the Breakfast Club for residents of 370 Hemenway Street, while three delicious meals are served each day for full-service program participants of 420 Hemenway Street.

May additional occasional meals be purchased if desired?
Residents of The Cottages may purchase a monthly breakfast plan to dine in the Breakfast Club or pay at each visit.

Are pets allowed?
Pets can be a very important part of many people's lives, so one well-behaved pet is permissible at The Meadows.

Is there any religious affiliation?
No. The Meadows is entirely non-sectarian in all respects. Daily Catholic Mass and weekly Protestant and Jewish services, however, are offered within the New Horizons building, and Meadows residents are always welcome. There is also a Catholic church directly across the street, and a Mormon church one block west on Hemenway Street.

How convenient are the on-campus religious services?
Residents from 420 Hemenway Street can reach 400 without going outdoors, by way of a fully enclosed bridge between the two buildings. Residents of 370 Hemenway Street travel outdoors just about a hundred feet to enter the 400 building.

Are there volunteer opportunities available to residents?
There are many volunteer opportunities including our nearby public elementary school, where Meadows residents sometimes enjoy going into the classroom to read to young students.

How is the parking?
There is abundant free parking conveniently located near each building. Limited garage parking at 420 Hemenway Street is available at modest cost, for those who so desire. Our efficient Snow Team thoroughly clears lots after storms and brushes off resident vehicles.

How congested is the nearby area?
The Meadows is located 13 miles west of Routes 128/I-95 in an area of upscale, single-family homes. There are more than 100 acres of abutting woodlands, and a pleasant walking trail, which meanders more than a mile to Marlborough Country Club. This is a well-rated public golf course where Meadows residents are also very welcome.

Is it practical to meet some of the other residents?
We strongly encourage prospective residents to visit and personally meet with the many current residents. Come for a complimentary meal to really experience the feeling of friendly camaraderie, which seems always to prevail among our very interesting and diverse residents.

What type of exercise equipment is available?
There is a large, very comfortable fitness center and an aerobics room on the ground floor of 420. Featuring pleasant views over Broadmeadow Valley, the center has stationary bikes, weights, a rowing machine, and an inclined walking/running machine. The aerobics room features a springwood floor, large wall mirrors, and a ballet bar. For those who never want to miss their daily walk, five times around the indoor "hex" at 400 Hemenway is a good one-mile walk.

How many different apartment types are there?
No two are identical!

The variety of units include one, two, and even three-bedroom units, with one, one and a half, or two bathrooms. Some feature skylights, balconies, patios, or a combination. Availability varies, so be sure to inform the Reservations Team of your preferences.

Who controls apartment temperatures?
Every unit has its own thermostat for both heating and air conditioning needs that the resident controls. All windows are typically operable, and some units are available with balconies, overlooking the abutting conservation lands on all three sides.

What is the Full-Service Program?
Residents of 420 Hemenway receive a comprehensive package of hospitality services under the title of the Full-Service Program. Specifically, the services include three meals daily, weekly light housekeeping with flat linen service, campus activity enrollment (fitness, transportation, and social programs) and community services support with basic maintenance help regarding TVs, telephones, thermostats, and toilets.

Both New Horizons are strictly not-for-profit communities owned by Cummings Foundation, a $1.2 billion net worth charitable foundation, founded in 1986 by William S. and Joyce M. Cummings. New Horizons in Marlborough has grown steadily under the same Executive Director since before its opening in 1992.